Our Members Love Sourcing: July Edition

Our Members Love Sourcing: July Edition

At Handbag Social Club, we don’t believe in “the one that got away.” We pride ourselves on the ability to source anything from rare and unique pieces to everyday favorites that aren’t currently on our website. If you request it, we will do our best to find it.

We have forged strong relationships with reputable partners who share our passion for delivering exceptional handbags and accessories. From luxury boutiques in Paris to renowned vintage experts in Tokyo, our connections span continents, ensuring that we have access to the piece you are looking for.


So, here are some bags our members requested in July and we sourced.


Hermes Picotin 18 Lime

1. An Hermès Picotin 18 in Lime

Our member requested a yellow Picotin to wear this summer and we were able to source this brand new, never carried, size 18 in Lime. We have our fingers crossed that we will receive some photos because we can't wait to see it out and about. 




Hermes VIP Scarf 70

2. An Hermès VIP Double Face 70 Scarf

Hermès created this very special scarf that was only gifted to special VIP clients during the 2023 Holiday Season. One of our founders, Abigail, first found this scarf for herself and after making viral Tiktok video about it, we've received many sourcing requests for this item. We have been able to fulfill all of them and we too have our own special VIP club now.


Louis Vuitton Alma PM

3. A Louis Vuitton Alma PM

Our member knew they wanted an Alma PM, but wanted to see which options we had available. We sent them a presentation of options at different price points and they chose their favorite. Not that we pick favorites, but it was our favorite too. 


Heres Le Jardin Scarf 45 

4. An Hermès Un Jardin Sur Le Toit 45 Scarf

Sometimes our members look to us for recommendation, but here they knew exactly what they wanted, which was the Hermès "Un Jardin Sur Le Toit" 45 Scarf in this orange color way. We were able to find this one just days after the request and they had it in hand the following week. 

Chanel Tweed Double Flap

5. A Chanel Tweed Medium Double Flap

Our member wanted a classic yet modern, versatile, fun bag for fall, so immediately we thought, "Chanel Tweed"! We provided a few options and this black and white beauty with hints of metallic tinsel tweed fit the bill perfectly. 


If you're looking for something that you don't see on our website (or anyone's website), send us a request and let us source it for you. 


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