Louis Vuitton Hard Sided Luggage: Comparing the Alzer and Bisten Trunks

Louis Vuitton Hard Sided Luggage: Comparing the Alzer and Bisten Trunks

Did you know that Louis Vuitton, has not one, but two beautiful hard-sided luggage pieces that are nearly identical? Meet the Alzer and Bisten trunks – these designs are often confused with their similar exteriors, but there are actually four subtle yet significant differences that set them apart when it comes to trim, details, depth, and interior layout. Find out whether you actually prefer the Alzer or the Bisten, as we go through all the differences.


The Trim:

Let's kick things off with a look at the trim. As seen in the left photo, the Alzer trunk flaunts an LV-embossed leather trim running all around its perimeter. However, on the Alzer, this trim also follows the opening of the trunk and you will not see the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas meet at the opening. 

As seen in the right photo, the Bisten has a design that’s all about sleekness. Its LV-embossed trim outlines the perimeter lines, but does not continue around the opening. This means the monogram canvas meets and matches up seamlessly when the trunk is tightly shut. Minimalistic chic, anyone?


Use of Nailheads:

If you're into traditional charm, the Alzer (shown at the bottom of the stack) has you covered. Keeping it traditional, this trunk has gorgeous brass nailheads on top of the embossed trim around the opening. It adds extra sophistication, while remaining totally timeless.

Now, shifting gears to the Bisten – here's where subtlety takes the spotlight. No nailheads here (show on the top of the stack). The Bisten is all about that clean, minimalist exterior without any fancy metal accents stealing the show.


Depth Differences:

Ok so, let's talk depth. The Alzer trunk (on the left) is the deeper of the two clocking in at 10.2in on an 80cm trunk. That means ample storage or height if you're using it as a décor statement piece and if you are using it for travel, you have a little more space too.

On the other hand, the Bisten trunk (on the right) offers a slightly shallower depth, at 7in on an 80cm trunk. But this isn't a downside necessarily. Its trim profile means the Bisten weighs less. Plus, if you're thinking of stacking these beauties, the stack won't tower too high, making it a space-saving win.


Interior Shelf:

Diving into the interior details of these trunks, the major interior difference between the two is the shelf within the Alzer. This big addition brings the gift of organization, giving your items designated spaces. And guess what? If you're going for a décor vibe, an open Alzer with its shelf can be a stunning focal point. There's even a handy ledge (shown left) built into the side -- get creative and customize it with your own shelf to match different needs.

Comparatively, the Bisten opts for a more open-plan interior, skipping the dedicated shelf (shown right). This design promotes flexibility, letting you display or pack larger items with ease. And décor-wise, the shallower design makes it a breeze to fill up, especially if you're showcasing it open in all its glory.



Here is where the Alzer (left) and the Bisten (right) are exactly the same.  They both are created in 55cm, 60cm, 65cm, 70cm, 75cm, and 80cm, with the Bisten including one extra size as 50cm, allowing maximum stacking potential in both styles. Additionally, if you are in the market for multiples, there is no reason your stacks can't be mixed and matched!


In Conclusion:

It's clear that the Alzer and Bisten trunks each bring different styles to the table and their differences in trim, details, depth, and interior layout cater to various tastes and purposes. So, whether you're drawn to the classic elements of the Alzer or swayed by the Bisten's sleek style, it's not just about luggage – it's about making a statement, at home or wherever you go.



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