How It All Started

Prior to venturing into her entrepreneurial journey, Brooke honed her skills working as the Creative and Marketing Director at an auction house. In 2020, when the Covid pandemic hit and marketing activities were halted, she saw an opportunity to channel her passion for luxury accessories into something more.

The Turning Point

With her expertise in marketing and love for luxury accessories, Brooke began a new venture: the creation and management of a luxury handbag division at the auction house. Over the course of three years, the division experienced remarkable growth. However, she began to realize the natural limitations imposed by the auction world, and started to envision a different way to shop for designer handbags and accessories.

And from this, Handbag Social Club was created

Prioritizing personalized concierge services and the power of social media connections. Sourcing hard to find, rare, luxury handbags, giving members the benefits they deserve, and the ability to buy when you want are all key ingredients to HSC’s seamless luxury experience. 

Meet Our Founder

About Brooke

I believe in:
Honesty. Cutting to the chase. Laughing at myself. Singing out loud in the car.

I'm not about:
Sitting still. Censoring myself. Buttoning the top of my jeans while sitting.

You can find me:
Riding horses at the barn. Walking my dog, Winston. Doing pilates.

Currently wearing:
My Re-Done jeans. A black ATM t-shirt. Chanel Denim Flats and a vintage Bottega Veneta Crossbody Bag.

Currently sourcing:
Vintage Goyard Steamer Trunk. Chanel Paris-Dallas Bandana Flap Bag. A vintage Hermes Mini Kelly Top Handle Bag (preferably in a green exotic).

Interview With Our Founder

Find out about what Brooke was doing before, what a normal day looks like at HSC and the best moments so far.

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