Interview With Our Founder

Interview With Our Founder

After building and managing a successful luxury handbag division at an auction house, founder Brooke Friedman felt compelled to breathe new life into the luxury resale world. Her approach combines personalized concierge services with online shopping for a seamless luxury experience. Find out more about Handbag Social Club's founder and the story behind the brand.


Tell us about yourself. What were you doing before Handbag Social Club?

Before Handbag Social Club, I was working as the Creative Director at an auction house. I was in charge of all things aesthetics, from their catalogs, social media, and website design. I oddly enjoyed the arduous task of creating cohesive beauty out of complete randomness.


Why did you start HSC?

There wasn't an exact moment or catalyst that prompted me to start HSC, it all fell into place organically. At the auction house, I learned how to create something new and grow it into a full fledged division. Kind of like the training wheels version of riding a business bicycle. However, auctions can be super restrictive, cyclical and a little antiquated. I realized that I was unable to give our clients what they wanted working on an auction platform, and alas, Handbag Social Club was born.


What does an average day look like? 

No two days look the same for me, but no matter what I always start my day responding to customers. After that, I normally schedule my calls, Zooms and virtual customer appointments. I save the afternoons for client appointments and larger projects. My schedule is superfluid and is always changing. If a customer wants to video chat with me at 7:30am to see how their potential Chanel bag would fit over a sweater and a blazer, then that is how I will start my day. I end my days making bag charms. I love making custom bag charms to match my client's new bag.

What has been the best moment so far at HSC?

My best moment was dropping off my first special order to a client's house for her birthday. It was special finding her dream bag, but even more special watching her face when she opened it. I love connecting people to their wish lists and sourcing bags.


What makes HSC different?

Our unique selection of inventory definitely makes us different from the rest. When I say I would wear anything we sell, I 100% mean it. I curate our collections to be unique and wearable at competitive prices. I believe that everyone should be able to find and buy something beautiful. The second thing that sets us apart is our dedication to customer service. Because we are a small company, it's very important to connect with our clients personally. There is no question I won't answer and no request I won't attempt to fulfill. We aren't like larger corporations, when you reach out to us a real person will answer you and in a timely fashion. No Bots, just Brooke.


What do you like to do outside of HSC?

Outside of HSC you can always find me on the go. I love to ride horses, I used to be a competitive equestrian growing up and it's still one of my greatest passions. I also love Pilates, walking my French Bulldog, traveling and of course, lots of shopping!


What is your advice for others looking to start a business?

Just do it. Find something you love and go after it. The only regret you'll have is not trying.


What bags are you currently wearing?

Recently my everyday bag has been an Hermes Garden Party Tote in gold, I love how much it holds. For a smaller option I prefer my vintage Bottega Veneta crossbody bag from my grandmother. It is both sentimental and chic. For evenings I've been really into my Goyard Mini Saigon, I love that I can either carry it by the top handle or use the more casual shoulder strap.


If you could own any bag, which would it be? 

Depends on the day you ask me, my wishlist is every growing. Currently, I'd love to hunt down a Chanel Paris-Dallas Bandana Flap or vintage Goyard Steamer Trunk.

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