Our Members Love Sourcing: August Edition

Our Members Love Sourcing: August Edition

At Handbag Social Club, we don’t believe in “the one that got away.” We pride ourselves on the ability to source anything from rare and unique pieces to everyday favorites that aren’t currently on our website. If you request it, we will do our best to find it. 

So, here are some bags our members requested in August and we sourced.

Hermès Toile Negonda Garden Party Tote 36 

1. An Hermès Toile Negonda Garden Party Tote 36

We can never have too many requests for Hermès and were so excited when our member decided they wanted to find a giftable Garden Party. They wanted something relaxed and casual, but did not want to worry about staining the Toile. They opted for the Noir color for a year round companion. 

 Louis Vuitton Murakami Pochette

2. A Louis Vuitton Murakami Pochette Accessoires

Our member came to us with a specific budget and condition in mind for a Louis Vuitton Murakami Pochette Accessoires. We pulled a few options with uniform patina on the natural Vachetta leather and minimal to zero wear on the white coated canvas. A stunning option was selected and they added a dream bag to their collection. 

 Chanel Iridescent Compact Wallet

3. A Chanel Iridescent Compact Flap Wallet

We love sourcing accessories big or small and when our member requested a small wallet or card holder with a pop we had a few stunning options in mind. We provided some options by Goyard, Bottega and Chanel and they ended up going with this beautiful Iridescent Chanel Compact Flap Wallet. 

 Lady Dior Micro D-Joy

4. A Christian Dior Micro D-Joy

You know we love a vintage moment and so does Christian Dior. They've brought back the East/West style of their Lady Dior called the D-Joy. Our member wanted a pristine Micro D-Joy in a classic color and we provided a few options and they opted for this sophisticated black option. Side note: If you're looking for an original from the Galliano era, we have one for sale now

 Hermès Silk Clair de Lune Double Face Scarf 90

5. An Hermès Silk Clair de Lune Double Face Scarf 90

Our member requested this Clair de Lune scarf this the Black / Jaune D'or / Bleu colorway and we can see why! How amazing are these two contrasting sides? We were able to track it down and they couldn't be happier. 


If you're looking for something that you don't see on our website (or anyone's website), send us a request and let us source it for you. 

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