5 Hermès Bags Under $5,000

5 Hermès Bags Under $5,000

Hermès is one of the most famous and long-lasting French fashion houses. Known for producing some of the most exquisite, hand-crafted handbags and accessories in the world. They are also one of the most expensive brands, with many popular styles starting around $10,000.

Are you looking for an Hermès bag in 2023, but don’t want to spend for a Birkin or Kelly? While the word “affordable” is usually not associated with Hermès, they do in fact have options that won’t completely break the bank.
Here is a list of 5 Hermès bags you can purchase for under $5,000:

The Evelyne | $1,800 and up

The Hermès Evelyne is one of the most popular Hermès bags, and rightfully so. It is both effortless chic and practical. It’s the perfect cross-body bag and comes in a variety of sizes, leathers, and colors. If you are looking for your first Hermès bag, that you can use daily, the Evelyne might just be the bag for you.
The Evelyne Features:
Adjustable strap
Large open interior
External slip pocket
Leather closure
4 Sizes Smallest to Largest
TPM, $1,800 and up
PM, $3,500 and up
GM, $3,800 and up
TGM, $4,500 and up

Picotin Lock Bag | $2,800 and up

Inspired by the brands equestrian roots, The Picotin is the perfect combination of Hermès quality and style without the Birkin price tag. The charming Picotin comes in three different sizes and a variety of colors and leathers. If you are looking for a transitional bag that will upgrade any look, consider buying a Picotin.

The Picotin Features
Top handles
Large open interior
Kelly lock
Feet at base

3 Sizes Smallest to Largest
Picotin Lock 18, $2,800 and up
Picotin Lock 22, $3,100 and up
Picotin Lock 26, $3,500 and up

Garden Party | $3,200 and up

The Hermès Garden Party is the ultimate tote bag. It has a large open compartment interior and beautiful rolled shoulder straps. The understated design and functionality has made the Garden Party one of Hermès’ most popular styles. It comes in 3 sizes and a variety of color and leather choices.

The Garden Party Features
Rolled Shoulder Straps
Canvas open interior
Zippered interior pocket
Snap closure

3 Sizes Smallest to Largest
Garden Party 30 $3,200 and up
Garden Party 36 $3,800 and up
Garden Party Voyage 49 $3,750? and up

Jige Clutch | $2,500 and up

The Hermès Jige Clutch is a great day to night bag that embodies the effortless luxury that is Hermès. First debuting in 1975, the envelope style clutch can be found in 3 sizes and a variety of colors and leathers.

The Jige Clutch Features
H Logo Closure
Envelope style
Open interior

3 Sizes Smallest to Largest
Jige Clutch Elan, $3,100 and up
Jige Clutch PM, $2,500 and up
Jige Clutch GM, $3,500 and up

Herbag Zip | $2,500 and up

The Herbag Zip is one of Hermès’ most affordable options. Originally intended as a practical travel bag, the Herbag Zip is chic enough to be used as a handbag, and has a similar style to the Hermès Kelly. Made from sturdy canvas and cowhide leather, if you’re looking for something durable and stylish consider the Herbag Zip.

The Herbag Zip Features
Top handle and shoulder strap
Large interior
External pocket
Clou de selle closure
Key and Clochette

2 Sizes Smallest to Largest
Herbag Zip 31, $2,500 and up
Herbag Zip 39, $2,900 and up

All of Hermès' bags are made from the highest quality materials, by a single skilled artisan, which helps elevate some of the sticker shock. It also helps ensure that these bags will be around for years to come.
While Hermès bags will never be considered the most affordable bags, they do offer a large variety of entry level bags that are suitable for a first-time collector or seasoned veterans.


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