Join The Auction

If shopping were a sport, it would be an auction.

The thrill is in the hunt and chase, and the ultimate goal is to win and bring home your new prize.

We've curated a unique collection of your favorite classics, rare vintage finds and everything in between. These items can NOT be found on our website and are only available via auction through LiveAuctioneers. If you are looking for a new exhilarating way to shop, start bidding.

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What Are Timed Auctions?

All auctions have live bidding where items are sold sequentially and people can bid in real-time in competition with other bidders. In a Timed Auction, this process is automated, only allowing bids from LiveAuctioneer bidders.

The auction will begin at the designated start time, LiveAuctioneers will open with the first lot, execute any bids, sell the lot, and move on to the second lot, until all the lots have been passed or sold.

Lots are kept open based on bidding activity. If there is no interest, the lot will open for 15 seconds before moving on to the next.

When the bidding stops there will be a 7 second delay before "Fair Warning" is issued, then another 7 second wait before the lot is either passed or sold.

How Do I Bid?

1. Create Your Free LiveAuctioneers Account

Signing up for your free LiveAuctioneers account is safe and easy. Once you’ve created your profile on LiveAuctioneers, you can begin participating in online auctions, saving items and following searches.

2. Register for Auctions

To actively bid in an auction on LiveAuctioneers, you must register first by clicking "Register for Auction’ on catalog and item pages. You may also place absentee bids in advance of the auction time, which doubles as registration requests if you’re not already approved.

Don't wait until the last minute to register! It takes approximately 24 hours to approve new bidders. It’s best to register early in case we require additional information from you. Once approved, you can start placing bids.

3. Follow Your Favorites

Make sure your favorite find doesn't slip away. Once you find the items you've been searching for, click "Watch Item" to get reminders and easily find your favorite picks. Select "My Items" from the top navigation to quickly find the items you have your eye on.

4. Place Your Bids

There are two different ways to bid in our auctions. Absentee bidding and Live bidding. Remember to note the auction’s live bidding start time. This is when live bidding begins, starting with the first lot in the auction.

Absentee Bidding
Place your absentee bids in advance of the live auction. Enter your maximum bid amount for each lot. Your bid will stay at the lowest amount to keep you in the lead, and will only increase (up to your max amount) if another bidding places a higher competing bid.

Live Bidding
Live auctions begin at the start time noted on the catalog and item pages. To bid live, visit the auction catalog and click "Enter Live Auction." You will be directed to the bidding console where the auction is taking place.

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